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Mail/Fax Form for ACTS International
ACTS Fax: 1-949-481-3686

(U.S.A. gifts are tax deductible)

To donate via Mail/Post or Fax using your credit card, a check/cheque,
or money order ... print, fill in, and mail/post or fax this form.

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Please note: Donations are in U.S. dollars.
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YES, I want to partner with ACTS International to help bridge the gap between the church and non-church world to minister to the spiritual needs of individuals and families around the world with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I would like my support to go towards the following:

Here's how you can help:

1. Here is my donation to help support Daily Encounter and the worldwide gospel outreach ministries of ACTS International:
$100   $200   $250   $500   $1000   $31.25 Upper Room Sponsor   $75   $50   $26   $10   $5   Other $

NOTE: Please check here if you would like ACTS to debit
        your credit card monthly for this amount

Please use my donation for:

Daily and Weekend Encounter: To keep these inspirationals without charge to over one-third-of-a-million worldwise subscribers.

For Staff Support

As an Upper Room Monthly Supporter (120 people needed to donate $31.25 per month to net 5,000 new worldwide Daily Encounter subscribers every month)

For Translation Services ... Spanish, French, Finnish and Hebrew

For ACTS International USA Internet Outreach

For ACTS International Australia Internet Outreach

For ACTS International New Zealand Internet Outreach

For ACTS Technical Support ($1200.00 monthly need)

Upgraded Computer and Office Equipment

Where Most Needed

Please check here if you would like your donation to be a Memorial Gift in Honor of:

2. Please send me the following pack/s of 50 Business Witness Cards:

   Please check the appropriate box/boxes if you would like one or more packs of
   50 Business Witness cards. For these please include a minimum suggested donation
   of $10 for one pack; $15 for two packs; $20 for three packs; and $25 for four packs.
   for Thank You for Your Friendly Service  
   for People Power for Jesus  
   for Daily Encounter  
   for USA
   for Canada
   for The World
   for Español (Spanish speaking people)

  3. Support can be sent via Check, Money Order, Credit Card, or via Direct Bank Deposit.

For more information on Direct Bank Deposit see
  4. To send support via Credit Card

Credit Card Information

   Visa   Master Card   American Express   Discover

Name as it appears on your Credit Card
Credit Card Number
 Expiration Date Month   Year

TOTAL AMOUNT to charge Credit Card


Your Name and Address
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 * Name 
* Email 


  PRIVACY POLICY: We respect your privacy and never give, sell, or rent names, addresses, e-mail addresses or any information about ACTS supporters to anyone.

  All supporters are mailed a monthly updated report and receipt for their donation (tax deductible for U.S. donors).


Mail/Post or Fax to:

ACTS International
PO Box 73545
San Clemente, CA 92673-0119

ACTS Fax: 1-949-481-3686
Phone: 1-949-481-4262

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